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Car Cleaning Product

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Foam App Block (Applicator Pad)

Manual detailer applicator specially designed for the application of nanotechnological treatments. This coating applicator has been made with a double density with a dense handle for use without getting dirty, for precise work on surfaces and with a soft underlying part for use. The applicator is typically used by wrapping a small microfibre around it (we recommend Micron Suede 10x10cm) for quick and safe product application.

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Micron Wash Mit

Double-sided microfibre mitt for the washing phase of detailing. The special microfibre and polyester filaments of this high performance mitt capture dirt safely, giving a lubricated and smooth effect, releasing it once the mitt is immersed in a bucket. In addition, its sponge thickness offers high water absorption, essential during this phase. To prevent damage, this mitt is ideal for use with the aid of large buckets (we recommend Det Bowl) and with a grille on the bottom to avoid leaving residues in the microfibre that would cause damage to the surface.

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Del Bowl (2 Bucket Wash)

Det Bowls wash and rinse are two buckets that are useful during detailing treatments and also for traditional vehicle washing. Using them both allows for excellent organisation, as it is very important to keep washing water contaminated by dirt separate from rinsing water. The two buckets also have a grille inside them to allow any residuals to settle on the bottom without bringing them back to the surface, thus preventing them from being “collected” again each time the mitt or the cloth used is soaked

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Bottle With Spray

Fra-ber 1000ml bottle with gradation, is the convenient and fast solution to avoid other calculation tools of water and product dilutions which are necessary for a perfect use. The bottle contains 6 dilution ratios (from 1:1 to 1:20) usually applied for the use on cars, motorcycles, boats, houses etc..The bottle is available in three colours to be able to differentiate the contained products and quickly recognize the product you need

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Micron Xxl Drying Cloth

This cloth has been made with a highly absorbent fibre that simplifies and speeds up drying after car washing. Quickly absorbs large amounts of water, sliding quickly over surfaces without leaving streaks or stains. Extremely delicate and safe thanks to its silk edge. Its large size makes it perfect for drying even the broadest surfaces

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10 X 10 Cm Micron Suede

A microfibre suitable for applying the nanotechnological coating or treatments typical of detailing, because it absorbs little product and spreads evenly. Its ultra soft, “edgeless” finish allows for homogeneous and regular application, guaranteeing safe use without marks or scratches. This small 10x10cm version has been specially designed to be wrapped on the manual applicator (we recommend Foam app block), a technique often used in coating

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Micron App

Practical tool for the application of polishing and liquid products typical of detailing (glaze, waxes, sealants). The foam inside is absorbent and the outer microfibre is suitable for delicate surfaces with scratches. Moreover, the back pocket has been specially designed to use the manual applicator and better and more meticulously manage surface work. Suitable for interiors.

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Micron Cover (Apron)

Detailer apron made entirely of black microfibre, without zippers or metal materials to avoid any types of scratches or marks on bodywork during detailing operations. The apron also features a convenient stop for the polisher thread and three large pockets on the bottom and a pocket on the top to hold any accessories and products.

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White Sponge

Special sponge for the quick removal of dirt on all types of surfaces without the use of aggressive detergents.

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Clay Bar

The Innovacar Clay Bars by Fra-ber are 3 types of clay bar (soft, medium and strong) of 100gr each, suitable for mechanical decontamination of cars. Their weight and elasticity allow its easy manual handling and they are sold in small plastic boxes so that they can be stored and reused. They remove traffic film; insect, resin, and iron residues and all impurities on the car. The product is suitable for both painted and chromed surfaces

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Cap With Tap

Cap With Tap.

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Foam Pump Epoca (2 Ltr)


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Backing Plate

Velcro backing pad

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Nebuliser Foam (25 Ltr)

Stainless steel nebulisers: suitable for acids.