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Professional Exterior Cleaning

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New Tyre

It polishes, protects and revives tyres. The product protects from cracks and atmospheric agents. It does not leave grease marks and is not sticky. Also suitable for cleaning rubber mats and bumpers

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Tyre Shine

Polishes the rubber surfaces. This product is highly concentrated and contains natural ingredients. It does not grease the surfaces and leaves them polished.

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Reflex .

Concentrated glass and window detergent. Product suited for intense cleaning of glass windows, mirrors, lacquered surfaces, plastic laminates. It degreases and cleans the surfaces for a long-lasting brilliant effect. Specifically formulated to slow down the deposit of dust or smog layers on the surface, which consequently stays cleaner.

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Nano Wax

Nanotech-formula, self drying wax with protective and polishing effect, it forms an invisible barrier against dirt, making the following washes easier. Recommended for manual wash

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3 in 1 Dresser

Very good product for plastic surfacing materials and mudguards, on cars and boats. Polishes, protects and keeps clean for a long time all plastic materials and wood; it also enhances the natural appearance and keeps it clean and polished. Solvent based