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Clay Bar

The Innovacar Clay Bars by Fra-ber are 3 types of clay bar (soft, medium and strong) of 100gr each, suitable for mechanical decontamination of cars. Their weight and elasticity allow its easy manual handling and they are sold in small plastic boxes so that they can be stored and reused. They remove traffic film; insect, resin, and iron residues and all impurities on the car. The product is suitable for both painted and chromed surfaces

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A1 All In One

All in one is quick and easy, designed for those looking for a all-in-one product. Its advanced technology offers excellent performance to remove scratches and oxidation combined with a low level of dust and an incomparable finish without marks and hologram effects

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P1 Polish Up

Latest-generation polish ideal to remove swirls and small scratches. Its regenerating action eliminates oxidation and restores the colour and original appearance of paint. This is the ideal product for a product that quickly makes surfaces as good as new.

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G1 Glossy

Revolutionary wax that is quick and easy to apply, without leaving marks or stains. Its formula guarantees a deep mirrored gloss on paint thanks to the combination of waxes and nanopolymers. Glossy protects any surface and conveys a water-repellent effect. Treated parts can be recognised when touched, due to an incredible “silk effect”

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Polish Pad 5 inch Blue

Buffer in medium-soft blue foam for removing hologram effects and finishing

Product Image (79195)

Polish Pad 5" Orange

Buffer medium-hard orange foam for abrasive/polishing of medium intensity.

Product Image (79194)

5 Inch Polish Pads

Buffer in hard white foam to very intense abrasive action.

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5" Black Polish Pads

Black soft foam pad with a corrugated surface, suitable for polishing and final protection.